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“The 2016 HC&G IDA Winners: Garden Design”

This backyard retreat in Mattituck already had deep roots as a working farm, so Pembrooke Fine Landscapes chose to keep that expanse of land as the primary view—despite pool-fence zoning regulations, which were met with a ha-ha variation that sits low to the ground. Read More Here 

“Pembrooke Designs and Builds Luxury Outdoor Sports Bars for the Ultimate Hamptons Retreat” - Hamptons Real Estate Showcase October 2016

Have you ever wished that you could have a fully-equipped sports bar right in your own home? Dream no more… because time after time, Pembrooke Fine Landscapes has created environments that exceed expectations. Professional athletes, amateur athletes, and sports enthusiasts will be thrilled with the results. Read More Here 

The biggest trend we’re seeing right now in construction is the full integration of indoor and outdoor space. The structures we are designing are focused on bringing all the elements of the indoors outdoors. People really want all of the amenities they enjoy indoors in their outdoor space. Read More Here 

Trending In The Hamptons: The Desire For Family, Privacy, And Luxurious Outdoor Entertaining Space

From the first conversation with prospective clients, we note that they are interested in creating an outdoor living space that accommodates their children, as well as their parents. In fact, the input and influence of homeowners' parents has been an invaluable resource. Their involvement and thoughtful guidance has led to some of Pembrooke's finest experiences. Read More Here 

Three Tips To Achieve Your Construction Resolutions Before The New Year

Planning to do some work on your home this fall or winter? Pembrooke Fine Landscapes offers are a few ways to reduce stress and increase your ability to choose who should design and build your outdoor living space project (on time and on budget) Read More Here 

A Luxury Outdoor Sports Bar in an East Hampton Backyard

With football season in full swing and the World Series just around the corner, and the weather still nice, the perfect way to enjoy the autumn is in this outdoor sports bar recently installed in East Hampton by Pembrooke Fine Landscapes. Read More Here 

“The Whole Nine Yards”

Pembrooke Fine Landscapes is revolutionizing backyard living with modern pavilions that keep you warm and comfortable indoors well into the fall. Read More Here 

“Life Without Walls: The Outdoor Living Movement”

"We make the ordinary extraordinary," said Mr. Hall, whose business partner, Bill D'Agata, has been creating luxury outdoor spaces in the Hamptons for the past 10 years. From simple (but never plain) outdoor showers on the side of antique barns, to free-form pools and upscale dining areas, Pembrooke has run the gamut. Read More Here 

Congratulations to the 2016 HC&G Innovation in Design Awards Winners. And the winner in Garden Design is... Pembrooke Fine Landscapes! Read More Here 

Pembroke Fine Landscapes founder Bill D'Agata was named the winner of the Garden Design category in the 2016 HC&G Innovation in Design Awards. In a ceremony held Thursday, August 4th at Campbell Stables in Bridgehampton, D'Agata took first place for an innovative design on the North Fork in Mattituck. Honored to be named alongside his peers, La Guardia Design and Lear + Mahoney Landscape Design Associates, Mr. D'Agata said "I appreciate the recognition for simply doing something that I truly love to do." Read More Here 

Shelter Magazine recently featured an article extolling Pembrooke's total redesign and renovation of a Hamptons summer home. Shelter praises Pembrooke for transforming the property that was "reinvented as a luxurious summer backdrop". Pembrooke partner, Chris Hall states that "We don't typically work with new construction. We breathe life into what most would consider ordinary and we make it extraordinary." Read More Here 

Luxury Living Magazine met with Pembrooke Fine Landscapes partner, Bill D'Agata to discuss how to take your patio space to the next level with the additional of a luxury outdoor sports bar, full service pool house, outdoor kitchen, fireplace, pergola, outdoor shower, or other amenities for today's outdoor entertaining. "The biggest trend we're seeing right now in construction is the full integration of indoor and outdoor space." The design/build aspect of Pembrooke’s process has become very appealing to Hamptons home owners. Read More Here 

Hamptons Magazine hosts a roundtable discussion, as Pembrooke Fine Landscapes sits downs with Hamptons Real Estate pros to discuss the Home Trends that Are on their radars. Read More Here 

“Announcing the Finalists of the 2016 HC&G Innovation in Design Awards”

Pembrooke Fine Landscapes has, once again, been named as a finalist in the prestigious HC&G Innovation in Design Awards! Pembrooke has been recognized for our unique ability to design, build, and transform ordinary Hamptons backyards into something extraordinary. As a perennial finalist, we are truly honored to be in the company of our peers, and we congratulate Edmund Hollander Landscape Architects, LaGuardia Design, and Lear + Mahoney Landscape Associates.

The HC&G Innovation in Design Awards, now in its 6th year, honors top design in the Hamptons. Categories include architecture, interior design, kitchen design, bath design, garden design, and product design. Winners will be announced at an Awards Gala in August in the Hamptons. Winning projects will be featured in the September/October issue of HC&G, on cottagesgardens.com and across social media. Read More Here 

“Strong Roots”

The Memorial Day edition of Beach Magazine features an article on Pembrooke Fine Landscapes who are designing and building backyards that are “far more social than social media”. Chris Hall relates his experience of family life in the Hamptons, as he credits business partner Bill D’Agata and his technical skills and design ability for the many successes that Pembrooke has enjoyed throughout the years. Read Beach Article Here 

“Test The Waters”

Pembrooke Fine Landscapes was again recognized for their excellence in design. In particular, their swimming pool design as it relates to being "on the cutting edge of the green scene". Read the full feature in the Memorial Day issue of Hamptons Magazine

“April 2016 edition of Hamptons Real Estate Showcase magazine” - “Bringing the Inside Out” - Creating the Perfect Outdoor Lifestyle

Real estate listings often tout a property’s ability to bring the outside in – but for homeowners, bringing the inside out is becoming just as popular. In the Hamptons, outdoor living is a key trend; high end backyards are being outfitted with outdoor TVs, kitchens boasting every appliance, and the latest technology to control it all, matching and sometimes surpassing the features indoors. Read More Here 

“Labor Day Issue, 2015”

Whether your home is overlooking the ocean in Sagaponack, in the dunes of Montauk, bayfront in North Haven or in an old country barn in Amagansett, outdoor living spaces are important in the Hamptons. You want to make the most of your precious leisure time by making it easy to enjoy our beautiful outdoors. To find out what kind of features homeowners are adding, we talked with Bill D'Agata, founder and principal of Pembrooke Fine Landscapes. Read More Here 

“September/October 2015 edition of HC&G Magazine”

Hamptons Cottages and Gardens magazine provides complete coverage of the Design Award results. Pembrooke Fine Landscapes is featured prominently alongside our peers in the industry.

Pembrooke was nominated beside Edmund Hollander, LaGuardia Design, Oehme, van Sweden & Associates, and Whitefleet Design for the 2015 HC&G Innovation in Design Awards. The video montage above was shown during the ceremony, which was held at Guild Hall in East Hampton on August 6, 2015.

“August 2015 edition of Hamptons Real Estate Showcase magazine”

One of the Hamptons' hidden treasures is Pembrooke Fine Landscapes, a boutique landscape design/build company that for ten years has worked with select clients. Pembrooke's founding partner, Bill D'Agata, is as talented as he is meticulous, overseeing the smallest detail. Read More Here 

Pembrooke has been named as a finalist in the prestigious HC&G Innovation in Design Awards! The HC&G Innovation in Design Awards, now in its 5th year, honors top design in the Hamptons. Categories include architecture, interior design, kitchen design, bath design, garden design, and product design.

Design submissions are judged by an exclusive panel of judges comprised of key influencers in the design industry of their respective fields. Winners will be announced at an Awards Gala in August in the Hamptons. Winning projects will be featured in the September/October issue of HC&G, on cottagesgardens.com and across social media. Read More Here 

“Designing Outside the Box: Hot Hamptons Trends for Outdoor Living”

TV shows - such as those on HGTV - and countless home-design publications have created extreme interest in the beauty and functionality of outdoor entertaining spaces. Living outside the walls of one's home is an especially large part of life in the Hamptons; designs often extend to the exterior, where relaxing and entertaining seamlessly integrate with the environment. Read More Here 

“March 2015 edition of Hamptons Real Estate Showcase magazine”

Pembrooke is proud to have the design and construction of one of our signature spas featured in the March 2015 edition of Hamptons Real Estate Showcase magazine. Bill D'Agata carefully chose each element of the spa; thoughtful detailing and craftsmanship bring character and precision to one of our signature cascading spas. Pembrooke pool houses, pavilions, and pergolas of the Hamptons and The North Fork are also mentioned in "Liquid Assets: Refreshing New Trends in Pools". Read More Here 

“Custom Water Therapy: Designing a Spa at Home Sag Harbor Express Home and Garden Magazine, Spring 2015”

What's the best way to relax? You might say it's getting a massage, or taking a bath, or breathing in lungful's of fresh air. What if you could have all three? This is the luxury of having a hot tub. Chris Hall and designer Bill D'Agata of Pembrooke Fine Landscapes custom design spas unique to their clients' needs, as well as the atmosphere of their home. The two have collaborated to create spas whose shapes, architecture and even design match those of an adjoining pool, or the surrounding outdoor landscape. Read More Here 

“A Note To "The New York Times" About Second Homes In The Hamptons”

Pembrooke Fine Landscapes has found that the trend of family friendly homes harkens back to the tradition of childhood vacations and what "The Hamptons" or "The North Fork" have meant for many of us for decades. Read More Here 

“Trending In The Hamptons: The Secret Trade Industry Connections”

There is a local network in the Hamptons. There always has been and there always will be. Revealing this fact isn't as controversial as disclosing all the back roads (which is still unforgivable by many locals). However, it is something that folks that live here in the summer months have long suspected; the contractors' network exists. Read More Here 

“Trending In The Hamptons: Family First:”

So many of us have been coming to the Hamptons since we were kids. Years ago, it was Trout Pond, Long Beach, Coopers Beach, Main Beach, or Sagg Main, a BBQ with the neighbors and softball under the lights at Mashashimuet Park. Lately, I've noticed there is a new generation that appears to be more visible, more vibrant, and ready to enjoy our community. It's refreshing to see that Pembrooke clients have been getting much younger; as I've been getting just a little bit older. Read More Here 

“The Class Of 2016: Restoration, Renovation, And Renewal Of Existing Outdoor Living Space Is Trending In The Hamptons”

Each summer season in the Hamptons, the overall landscape changes just a little bit. Some of the changes are for the better, and some changes are up for interpretation. As you head east with the upcoming warmer weather, you may see a new restaurant on Jobs Lane in Southampton, a few new shops on Newtown Lane in East Hampton, and, over on the North Fork, Love Lane in Mattituck may bustle slightly more than in past years. But the landscape that matters most to our friends, neighbors, family, and clients is not what we see as we drive to our destination. Read More Here 

“Second Chances In The Hamptons”

Recently, a client mentioned that he felt his backyard reminded him of a person who was getting a second chance in life. It was an interesting analogy, and it rang true. Quite often we read about a "tear down house" on a valuable piece of property. In our office, every single day, we discuss how to improve the outside living area of an existing home that needs a full makeover. Read More Here 

“Revegetation In The Hamptons”

In Southampton and East Hampton Town, few words can be as divisive as the word "revegetation". Many property owners believe that when they purchase a home or land to build their home, they are entitled to develop the landscape as they see fit. Some believe that they can clear the land and improve the property in their own way. Moreover, when they purchase an existing home with beautiful landscape, they assume that the land has not been over cleared and the previous owner had conformed to the rules and regulations of the town. Read More Here 

“Your Own Little Piece Of Versailles In The Hamptons”

Travel motivates most people and my recent trip to Europe certainly inspired me. One of the many highlights was a breathtaking bike tour at Versailles. It was my first time at the palace, but it had a feeling of familiarity, as if I had been there before. Our tour guide was Patrick, a gentleman from Dublin, who loves music, wine, Paris, and life itself. During the train ride from Paris to Versailles, we chatted about U2, The Saw Doctors, Black 47, Dropkick Murphys, and every Irish band and I've ever heard. Read More Here 

“Seamless Transitions In The Hamptons”

The blurred lines between indoor and outdoor living continue to be a trend in the Hamptons and on the North Fork. Pavilions are all the rage at the moment. The roofed structures with columns and no walls (on either three sides or all four sides) are currently the most popular extension of indoor living transitioning to the outdoors. In a well-designed pavilion, you are protected from the sun and the rain, and you can enjoy views of your landscape, your pool, and your home. Read More Here 

“'Idiot's Delight' in the Hamptons”

I doubt that many fans of Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kourtney Kardashian overlap with fans of Vin Scelsa. Much to the chagrin of East End residents and visitors, the summer of 2014 was called by some the summer of the Kardashians. Might 2015 be the summer that Bayonne Butch invades the Hamptons? Will we see him and his wife Freddie walking down Jobs Lane? Read More Here 

“Top 10 Hamptons Outdoor Landscape Projects That Can Be Completed Before Summer”

September 18, 1985 was the night that David Letterman delivered his first of 4,650 Top 10 lists. Mr. Letterman may no longer be concerned about preparing Top 10 lists, however he certainly left his mark on all of us that prepare such lists. Read More Here 

“Looking Up In The Hamptons”

We live in one of the most beautiful areas in the country. Those who are able to come and spend time in the Hamptons seem to come back year after year, generation after generation. Everyone from architects, to home builders, to landscape designers, to pool builders, and even our beach attendants try to create the most welcoming environment and access to even more beauty. Read More Here 

“Investing For Fun And Profit In The Hamptons”

The high end Hamptons real estate market continues to thrive. For many years, it was normal for houses in our area to increase in value beyond reason. The data backs up the fact that things are quickly returning back to the normal that was never really normal. The average sale price for real estate in the Hamptons soared by 40 percent, to $1.7 million in the first quarter of 2014, according to CNBC. That marks one of the biggest year-to-year increases in recent history. Read More Here 

“Investing In Your Hamptons Landscape: Top Five Backyard Improvements To Increase The Value Of Your Home”

How much is enough? How much is too much? Homeowners in the Hamptons often have to decide between the practical, the impractical, and the over-the-top. The type of over-the-top pampering that most people dream of is available in your own backyard. And, you don't have to feel the least bit guilty about it; because, quite often, major improvements to your landscape can be highly practical. Read More Here 

“Chasing Waterfalls In The Hamptons: Three Benefits Of Infinity Edge Pools”

The contour of your land provides more opportunities than challenges. From a slight grade of your backyard in Northwest Woods to a waterfront view of the Southampton dunes with the Atlantic in the background; your property is telling you something. Listen carefully because the message is that your land wants to be used to its full potential. Each landscape has its own individual personality. When you enter a backyard that is in need of work, it helps to see a blank canvas; a world of possibilities. Read More Here 

“Top Five Landscaping Trends In The Hamptons”

Hamptons landscapes have changed throughout the years. Twenty years ago, the design and build process for landscapes featured certain types of coping or tiles within a gunite pool. Outdoor sitting areas were large and opulent; as opposed to destination areas that are now popular, attractive, and functional. Read More Here 

“Hamptons Holiday Rush: The Summer Season”

Retailers from Target to Tiffany’s prepare for Black Friday. UPS, Fed Ex, and Amazon systemically prepare for the seasonal holiday rush. Amazingly enough, Fed Ex and UPS deliver nearly 6.5 billion packages per year. The Hamptons holiday rush is far different. Choosing the proper contractor to prepare your home for Memorial Day is actually slightly more daunting than delivering 6.5 billion packages. Read More Here 

“Hamptons Hedges: Finding The Perfect Landscaper”

It can be a daunting task to entrust someone to create a backyard paradise for you. How can you find someone reliable, reasonably priced that can deliver on time and exceed your expectations? The lifeblood of any superior business is referrals. Nothing beats a firsthand, front row seat to a friend’s gorgeous outdoor kitchen, fireplace, negative edge pool, and amazing landscape (and they whisper to you who helped create their beautiful setting). Read More Here

“Billy Joel And Other Famous Hamptons Clients”

Our company may be the only Hamptons business that hasn’t done work for Billy Joel. I’ve laughed to myself countless times at the mention of this celebrity client in the Hamptons. Every architect, luxury home builder, plumber, carpenter, interior designer, and painter has said he has worked for Billy Joel. No wonder Billy has to play The Garden each month; these contractors can cost a fortune. Our policy is to keep our clients names and information confidential (but I’ll share with you the fact that Billy isn’t one of them). Read More Here

“Smoke And Mirrors In The Hamptons”

The Kardashians make a pretty good living creating a reality show. They played in the Hamptons while the rest of us lived a (sometimes) equally glamorous lifestyle without the cameras filming our every move. Of course, our reality doesn’t have the benefit of editing and a soft lens. Read More Here

“Chris Hall Joins Pembrooke Fine Landscapes As Partner”

Pembrooke Fine Landscapes recently announced that Chris Hall has joined the boutique luxury design/build firm that serves both the Hamptons and the North Fork. Hall will serve as a partner, along with Bill D'Agata, who founded the firm over ten years ago. Hall brings over 30 years of experience in developing properties in the Hamptons and on the North Fork. His diverse resume includes a background in luxury swimming pool construction and landscape, property development, technology, and music. "I am truly fortunate to meet incredibly interesting people as I help them make the most out of their beautiful homes and landscapes," noted Hall. Pembrooke specializes in outdoor kitchens, pavilions and pergolas, luxury gunite swimming pools, and outdoor amenities. Read More Here