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The Pembrooke Experience

The Pembrooke Experience

Fully describing the benefits of the design/build process is a challenge. Our clients seem to describe it best. However, a step-by-step analysis may be the best way for us to explain the Pembrooke design/build process.

There are many advantages to our design/build approach. The first and most important step is a comprehensive plan. Within that plan are the line item costs and timeline/chronology for the project.

Saving of Time and Money

The advantage of our design/build approach is clear. The client benefits from the synergy and consistency that comes from working directly with one firm. Pembrooke both designs and builds the project, a great efficiency that saves time and resources.


Pembrooke's tried and true method provides a single source for your entire project. Our design/build method fosters teamwork and creativity while lending itself to better cooperation. The relationship that we build during the early phases of the project helps guarantee that the stage is set for a successful construction. Pembrooke is accountable for everything: the budget, the timeline, and your satisfaction with the completed project. When the same company that designs the project also builds the project much more attention is given to pricing and scheduling. All expenses are taken into consideration: survey and permitting fees, construction costs, electrical work, natural gas/propane costs, landscaping allowances for plantings, material and labor for all patios and masonry work, and the cost of swimming pool construction/renovation. When the tasks of design and build are carried out separately by an architect and a landscaper however, the results often leave the client with cost and time overruns, as well as finger pointing. Pembrooke focuses on results throughout the entire process, from the first meeting to obtaining the certificate of occupancy.


Outlining anticipated project costs during the planning phase keeps projects within a realistic budget. Working with the client, with full transparency, allows everyone to see, in line item fashion, the costs involved in the project from start to finish. Once the scope of work has been approved, the project costs are clearly defined and agreed upon. The project is divided into phases, with billing occurring at regular intervals. This process ensures that there are no surprises.

Better Communication

Pembrooke's approach welcomes the client as an informed and active participant in design and construction. Communication that is open, honest, and frequent is a trademark of Pembrooke. One major benefit of working simultaneously with the design/construction professional is that it ensures that many potential problems are discovered and eliminated before the project starts. Bill D'Agata and his team are on site, speaking with the client on a regular basis or sending photos of the work in progress.

Streamlined Construction Timeline

Design/build projects can be completed in a shorter amount of time because bid-time is reduced, scheduling for the project takes place during the pre-construction phase, potential construction problems are uncovered early and enhanced communication keeps everything on track. Design and construction involves managing hundreds of timelines that need to coordinate in lockstep. The design/build system is highly-adaptive and responsive in the field. Big decisions can often be revisited during construction without costly change orders or significant additional fees.

Enhanced Quality Control

From start to finish, Pembrooke is dedicated to creating and ensuring efficiency and continuity. The design/build method helps remove ambiguity that may arise in material and construction specifications. Pembrooke is the designer, planner, and builder and is always committed to protecting the client's investment. We focus on bringing design and construction professionals under one roof. We eliminate back and forth communication between the architect/owner and owner/contractor; it is streamlined to a single point of contact. Practically speaking, an architect may have very little, if any, field training. Any changes that may occur will be vetted by Bill and his team. We only draw a plan that can be implemented and we guide the client to the best and most efficient outcome. Once again, inherent efficiency shines bright at every phase.

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Pembrooke welcomes the increased responsibility that comes with the design/build approach. We are proud of our work and invite you to schedule an appointment with us to discuss your project.